alperton quickstart User Guide

Alperton watch app UI

Min requirements: watchOS 5.2, Apple Watch 3 series.

Just swipe left/right, sometimes scroll down, for easy navigation.

Below, in order of display:

Fig 1. main-page, Fig 2. temperature feels like, Fig 3. lots of tech data Fig 4. tomorrow's weather, Fig 5. next week's overlook, Fig 6. watch settings and Fig 7. About - version number & contact us.

Exactly, everything is self explanatory and clearly visible.

However, for more information, please visit

How to register watch with the iPhone


Watch settings

Alperton iPhone&iPad app UI

Min requirements: iOS 12, iPhone 6s, watchOS 5.2, Apple Watch 3 series.

Fig 1. iPhone 11 Pro Max, Dark Mode

Moon phases / cycle in full description and as percentage, 0% for new moon, 25 % for first quarter, 50% for full moon, etc, back to 0%.

Just below, it is the location (locality + postcode), if detected successfully.

The sunrise time for early joggers, sunset.

One place for all: date, day of the week, am or pm, location and outside temperature, ideal for when you wake up in very dark conditions and not sure where (in time & on earth) you are.


To toggle between tomorrow's forecast:

and a few day's outlook:

simply Swipe left or right on the very tomorrow/outlook view.

By default, the temperature graph shows data every 3 hours; swipe down on top of it to show data every 2 hour or every hour, or swipe up to go back up to the desired level:

Technical details and / or weather alerts (✓ for no alerts, yellow/amber '!' for alerts) appear in the text alerts box. Please scroll down for more information in any of the text boxes.

Menu & buttons

Data can be refreshed by the ' ↓ download / refresh data' , or automatically by the system. The last time data was refreshed is recorded as text to the left.

note: pressing the refresh button more often than once per hour won't be useful, as weather data only changes significantly every 3 hour.

Top left red hamburger menu button

presents actions currently present

The 'will it rain?' button will take you to a page where you can see the rain precipitation chance and you can see the barometer readings, so a better appreciation of the rain conditions can be gained -see also task Making use of the Barometer data

App's widget in today's view

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