alperton privacy policy

We do not collect or store any personal information data.

Your personal information except for location, is not required nor present in / handled by our system.

We protect any information during transit using encryption such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). Thus, your location information neccesary with each weather data request is sent securely to our third party provider, we do not handle it on our own servers.

In order to create user accounts, manage user accounts, to protect our operation, to enforce our terms and conditions and policies, to respond to legal requests and prevent harm, we do process the information to a certain degree for security, testing, maintenance ends.

Firstly, we store your first transaction reference turned into a user identification token, and with that the details of your purchases in order to implement basic management system, and very usefully to unlock resources in our app. The app does not need to know your Name, Address, IP, Apple ID, and certainly they are not associated with the user identification token, as per current version of the software.

The transactions that are highly indicative of a hacked system, we log to a flat file together with their IPs (avaialable through the HTTP protocol request). After the incident analysis the logs are periodically erased.

If you contact us for support, by email, your user identification token may be be passed on, however, we would remove such emails if directed to do so.

We do collect usage data in a couple of instances. When the app is the first time installed on the iphone specifically, we collect the country and the city from the location, and send it to our servers for anonymous heat maps style stats and help with market analysis. Additionally, we send securely to our servers the frequency of the requests made by the app to our third party supplier, per device, in order to detect possibly hacked systems.

We do not share your data outside the software operation boundaries nor try to commercialise it.

For weather data, we use Dark Sky forecast API, our third party provider, currently.