alperton - watch app settings-

watch app settings

Choose what you want to work with: °C for Chelsius, °F for Fahrenheit? km or mile? And that is independent of the iPhone settings.

The typical case when your license expires. It may be that your auto-renewable IAP does its job and the iPhone is updated, but the watch might still need a click to 'Restore'. However, alperton watch app will try to do the 'Restore' process in the background, so you do not have to.

This is a simple three step process, just follow iPhone app's menu 'Register watch'. You may also consult: Tasks->register-watch for more information

When watch is linked, the link code is consumed, only the Unlink button is a clickable option.

pls note: in the downloaded watch app, 'C°' was corrected to '°C', similarly for F. Apologies.