alperton - register watch -

Register your watch to your iphone

This process is done only ONCE per watch when you acquire the software (not on every IAP renewal / yearly).

We assume Alperton watch app is already installed on your Apple Watch, if it is not, see (Install app on Apple Watch )

There is a simple three step process to follow to register your watch to your phone:

When you run Alperton app on your watch for the first time:

->Step 1. On your watch -> swipe towards right to the Settings page, here click 'Generale Link Code'.

after you click, the code will show in large red font;

on a real watch the image produced below -'composed' for easy reference- shows over several pages, one will need to scroll down to see it all.

->Step 2. The generated code is used in your Phone. Go to your iPhone, there Menu red button (top left) -> 'Register Watch' menu item. In the form/dialog that opens up, type in the code (into the top left input box 'Ref. Code'). Then, when done, click the 'Register' button (on the right):

(there are abundant step by step directions built in the UI itself)

If successful, your Registration process returns: !!! Do not end here . .. there is one more click -Link'- to do on the watch, see step 3.

->Step 3. Back on your watch, just a click is needed. Go to Settings->'Link' button, like in the picture below, then click it. ( note: now the link has been created, but also the license is updated - as if 'Restore' button was clicked -):

The Final Result:

You should be all set by now! If you need more information, why not .. see our 'Register your watch' demo

Register a new watch

The procedure can also be used as a standard factory reset.

Note: in order to register a new watch, need to unregister the old watch first.

- unlink the old watch: [on old watch] Settings -> Unlink button. Confirm it.

- register the new watch: [on new watch] follow the procedure to register a watch described above.

Quick recap:

  • (watch app -> 'Unlink' button - on old watch, or watch to reset), optional

  • watch app -> 'Generate Link Code' button, you get 'link code'
  • iPhone app -> Register Watch ->type in 'link code' -> 'Register' button
  • watch app -> 'Link' button

  • (watch app -> if license shown in red, 'Restore' button ), optional

  • Note: You may encounter this situation, where the license expiration date is shown in red.

    Tip: This might happen like when at the end of the trial period or when the renewal of the yearly subscription is due and done, but the watch becomes unaware. (** We are working to automate this in near future.)

    Fix: in the Alperton Watch app, swipe left to the Settings page-> see the 'Restore' button , click it. (providing your license is set all fine on our servers).

    note: your watch app has a grace period, it won't stop working immediately, which may be misleading that all may be ok despite the fact that the license is shown in red. Therefore the expiry date has to be 'Restored' asap in order to avoid discontinuity in watch app's operation.

    note: You have to make sure the iPhone has updated its licence information first. This is done usually by restarting / using the Alperton app as you enter the new subscription period, which also syncs with our servers.

    If you need more information, why not .. watch our 'Watch the Restore button' demo.